Reasons You Need a Luggage over Backpack


A luggage suitcase is a travel trolley to carry your personal belongings. These trolleys were invented in 1970 by D. Sadow, who attached long strop and wheels to his baggage for easy carriage.

The primary purpose of luggage invention was to cover all the shortcomings of backpacks and other traveling bags. And these trolleys changed the whole concept of traveling. Even though there are times when luggage cannot replace a backpack, convenience still these trollies have its benefits.

This article will discuss why and when you should prefer luggage over a backpack. If you are ready to know, let’s get into it!

1. Convenient to Carry

Luggage is designed with wheels and a long handle that helps pull them easily rather than carrying them on the back. These are the best traveling partner for the elders, physically weak people, parents with kids, and if you have too many belongings to carry.

The suitcase wheels need less force to pull so you can carry the maximum weight in your bag without getting tired or frustrated.

2. Healthy Option

The major drawback of backpacks is that you must carry them on your shoulders and back. Even if you are young, putting too much weight on your body during continuous travel is not good.

However, the luggage has no such issues. These ideal bags minimize or even exclude body strain and muscle cramping.

3. External Pressure Resistant

Luggage is well-structured bags made of durable materials like high-quality ballistic nylon, aluminum, polypropylene, or polyester. These sturdy materials make these trollies resistant to external pressure.

External pressure is always a major concern if you want to carry fragile and delicate accessories in your bag. However, the suitcase keeps all such things safe and in place.

4. Easy to Pack and Unpack

Unlike backpacks where you place your belongings vertically, and it’s challenging to find the things later on, luggage provides a horizontal opening with better stability. These suitcases usually come with built-in belts and interior pockets, which help arrange the items and hold that arrangement for a long time.

So, if you need anything in a public place, you can instantly get that from your luggage but not your backpack.

5. Advanced Locking System

Are you a person who always forgets and lost his key? If yes, then you are not the only one facing this issue. Backpacks usually need conventional locks that open with a key. However, it isn’t easy to safely carry the keys all around.

But the modern luggage comes up with an innovative locking system. These bags are designed with an integrated digital lock system that is safer and easier to use than conventional ones.

6. Available in a Variety of Options

The luggage is available in never-ending options of sizes, styles, colors, and designs. If you have never been to the bag market, you can check their wide range of options on Alibaba. Besides the ready-made suitcases, you can also get custom luggage from the sites like Alibaba.

Final Verdict

Luggage and backpacks have their importance and benefits. However, a suitcase will give you a wardrobe-like handiness if you are a regular or long-distance traveler. But for hiking and other challenging activities, nothing is better than backpacks.


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